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The creative entrepreneurial spirit in America, brought to us through hard work and a ceaseless quest for perfection, is alive and well! It is what makes this country competitive, success-driven, generous - and simply more fun. Ernest & Scott pays tribute to the people that work to make our country great.

The name Ernest & Scott Taproom is inspired by the fascinating relationship between writers and bon viviants Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, part of which actually took place here in Wilmington. The contrast between Hemingway - the macho, gritty and somewhat disheveled character and Fitzgerald- the stylish refined aristocrat, parallel the available offerings at Ernest & Scott and aims to capture the spirit of both writers.

Ernest & Scott Taproom features an amazing selection of both Local and National cask and bottle-conditioned beer as well as American Craft Wines and Distilled Spirits. Fresh, local ingredients are brought together to create a menu that is sure to delight.

Whether you seek a local watering hole to saddle up to the bar for a hearty sandwich and a beer, or an elegant location for a magnificent dining event, guests at Ernest & Scott will find an inspiring, yet warm and friendly environment where all are welcome.

The Hemingway /Fitzgerald/ Wilmington Connection

In 1927, John Biggs, a Wilmington lawyer and Fitzgerald's roommate at Princeton, recommended rental of "Ellerslie,' a nineteenth-century Greek Revival mansion at Edgemoor on the Delaware River with the Wilmington Train Station a short distance away. Although many wild parties were reported, Fitzgerald did manage to draft the first few chapters of his protracted novel, Tender Is the Night.

In the fall of 1928, Hemingway and Fitzgerald arranged to meet at a Princeton-Yale football game after which they returned to Ellerslie where Hemingway and his wife would stay overnight prior to continuing on. Hemingway, according to one of the several versions of his overnight stay, had found Fitzgerald's rented mansion, with its wide views of the Delaware River, to be impressive. The next morning, despite Fitzgerald's plans, Hemingway was anxious about catching the train and became insistent on leaving for the station. Whatever words were spoken between Hemingway and Fitzgerald both during the trip to the Wilmington Train Station and while there have become lost in time.

In a brisk thank-you note, Hemingway apologized. "I am sorry I made a, shall we say, nuisance of myself about getting to the train on time. We were there far too early. At the station, there had been some mishap involving the police to which Hemingway referred in the note, "When you were in the hands of the Cop, I called from our platform and explained that you were a great writer. The Cop was very nice. He said you said I was a great writer too, but he had never heard of us."

Our Facility

Ernest & Scott Taproom is located at the corner of 9th and Market Streets in the former Delaware Trust Building. Previously the bank's lobby, the spacious interior features 30-foot ceilings which retain their ornate plaster detail, striated marble floors and the 24-inch Copper Coin embedded in the entryway floor. The griffin icon in the Ernest & Scott logo is a nod to the original which is highlighted on the balcony front over the bar.

The interior is open and spacious while remaining warm and inviting featuring exposed brick columns, cozy furnishings and warm wood accents. Arched trusses over the bar and dining areas reference the architecture shown in the wall images of the Wilmington Train Station. An 18' barrel "sculpture' is centered in the dining area and can be seen from all viewpoints. Expansive windows line one wall allowing plenty of natural light during the day and soft color lighting at night.

Our expansive 50-seat marble-topped bar offers 18 Craft Beers on tap, Three Cask-Conditioned Ales and Nine Bottle-Conditioned Beers. Our main dining area seats 100+ and our two second-floor Gatsby and Clock Tower balcony areas overlook the main floor and provide options for smaller private functions. The second floor Hop Gallery hosts an ever-changing collection of artwork created by local artists and our outdoor seating area allows customers to enjoy the invigorating downtown atmosphere during warmer seasons.

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